I’m learning SO much and am so convicted on areas that I need growth! Several months ago, I wrote a rant (never published it anywhere, so it stayed in the notes of my phone!) about how I don’t read books for singles any more because they usually fixate on being single, put too much emphasis on marriage or preparing for marriage, etc. This book is such a contrast to what I was expecting, and is such a breath of fresh air! I feel like it is preparing me to be God’s best version of ME for the rest of my life, whether single, married, widowed, whatever! The lessons are so practical, and just what I need. I’m so excited!

I can’t wait for the rest of you (social media followers) to be able to get a copy on Dec 15!

Amanda A., @mandynmaddy22

I loved this review so much I included a portion of it in the description of the book!! Thanks, Amanda!

I read an advance copy of this book and oh my goodness where has this book been all my life???!!! I have been ministering to women for 17 years and this book is exactly what I would say if I was so eloquent, now I know what I will say “read this book” lol. Her honesty and transparency are genuine. Her struggle to find love and purpose resounds in every woman’s heart. I feel like there is a new way to see life after reading this book. Truly inspiring.

Sharrah G., @lovedandfreewomen


I received an advance copy of this amazing book, and Shelley’s heart is poured out in every single page. She has sought the heart of God in this subject and it is evident from the first chapter. Savoring Single has inspired me to chase after a deeper relationship with my Father, and I believe this book is the answer to what every daughter’s heart is truly searching for: a closer walk with Christ.

Becki R., @notquitesupermoms


“Savoring Single” has been such a solace and comfort, in contrast to what I’ve come to expect from a book that uses the word “single” in the title.

Are any of you other single gals tired of singleness books fixating on disappointed you must be without a husband, how much wife potential you *could* have, how you should try harder to be worth marrying, how you should also stop trying so hard to be married so God can surprise you with a man, how your single status can probably be explained by your many flaws, etc?

The lessons in this book are preparing me to be God’s best version of ME for the rest of my life, regardless of if I’m single or married. So far, one of my favorites is a chapter on pursuing adventure, from trying a new coffee shop to going on a foreign missions trip. I’ve never been more excited to be single!!!

I received an advance copy of the book, and have purchased 3 additional copies to give as gifts. It’s worth every penny. Buy this as a Christmas or birthday or just-because gift for yourself, dear friend! You will love it!

Mandy Sue


“Savoring Single” is the perfect book for girls in this generation. Sometimes it feels like everything in the world just draws attention to our singleness resulting in us feeling even more alone. Shelley has written a book that exposes the truth about being single and leads by example how we can cherish -not waste- this important season of our lives.

Kiara T., @kiara_sinclair_


Great book! Truly offers insight to the things on this generation of young girls’ hearts. She uses the Word to back up all she says and encourages women with Godly truth.

–  Aidyn C., @coffeeshopchristian


I received a digital advanced copy of this book, and have LOVED it. I loved it so much that I purchased a paperback copy myself. It has been such an encouragement to me while I am still a single girl! Shelley writes like a mature, wise friend that truly wants you to savor your single years. She gives practical advice, shares applicable stories, and includes Scripture and prayers. Savoring Single is such a well-rounded, encouraging book that I would recommend to every single girl I know!

Allison M., @allthingsallisonmarie


I’m not single.  In fact, I’ve been married for several decades.  Nevertheless, my heart was touched reading this book.  Not because I developed empathy for the author, but because the truths taught are relevant to everyone.

Savoring Single does have several chapters that deal with being content with being single, and yet even those chapters are so relevant to others.  The importance of living a life with intimacy with God and being surrendered to God applies to every Christian.  And we should never put of value and sense of worth in any except the God who loves us.  The book is filled with scripture verses to back up the author’s experience and advice.  It is a Bible study and a testimony of God’s work.

I am blessed for having read this book and have come away with some things the Lord spoke to my heart about.  My recommendation for who reads this book is that every middle school girl and older should read this.  And anyone who desires a closer relationship with God should read it.  Just be aware that with it being written for single women, there will be parts of it that don’t apply to you.

– Among the Reads