Book Launch Team

I’m only a few weeks away from launching my debut book, Savoring Single.

Of course, I am super excited about this and know this is just the beginning! But why not kick it off with a bang?

I am looking for some very special girls to be MVP’s, get behind the scenes access, and spread the love.

Savoring Single is a book for every Christian girl, helping her to thrive in this once in a lifetime part of her journey! It all starts with my own story, mix in God’s miracle mercy, and a cup of coffee (of course) and you’ll find authentic hope for how to navigate being a modern day single Christian girl without it being so dang hard!

Great message, right? I bet at least one girl just popped in your head who could benefit from this very message… (maybe even you, too?) Yes? Exactly! She needs to hear this! Not because it’s my story, but because it’s His, too!

So, here’s my goal:

  • 1,000 followers on Instagram pre-launch day (at 600+ now, so it’s totally doable with your help!)
  • 500 followers on Facebook pre-launch day (at 250+ now, so again – pretty much in the bag!)
  • 25 honest reviews on on launch day. (Amazon reviews are super important to the book’s initial and on-going success.)  I mean, think about, it’s like asking a girl where she got her hair done. You can trust the stylist when you see how she’s already brought out the beauty in someone else!


  1. A complimentary digital copy of my new book that you’ll get right away, a full month (or so) before anyone else can get it.
  2. A Launch Team Welcome Gift with some goodies and love, because your support means the world to me! (Not just digital goodies, so I’ll need your address).
  3. An invitation to a Secret Facebook Group with behind the scenes fun and access! Who doesn’t love backstage passes?!
  4. Each Launch Team member will be entered into a drawing to win a launch package exclusive. A gift that includes those “must-haves” like: a signed book and comfy Savoring tee. An adorable silver cuff, free printables and some sweet treats.
  5. Additional drawings for even more goodies each time we reach a those goals.


It all starts with reading the book. I’m not much of a digital reader (actually prefer book-in-hand with paper and a highlighter), so even though you’ll get the advanced copy, there’s no pressure to speed read it. But please do read enough (even a chapter or two), maybe the ones that grab your attention the most, so you can write a good review and recommend it sincerely.

  1. The Secret Facebook Group will be a hub for easy access and sharing. I’ll post graphics, quotes, and info for quick and easy sharing to your social media pages (mainly Facebook and Instagram).
  2. Leave a short honest book review on during the book’s launch week (date to be announced soon), and on other sites as is possible (you can totally copy and paste your review).
  3. Of course, if you WANT to do other things like buy copies of the book for your friends, like my FB and Instagram posts, invite all your friends to follow my pages or even pass the info to your Young Adult’s pastor at church – I certainly won’t object!

I’m putting a ton of time and energy into this launch to try to reach as many girls, just like you and me, sitting in church praying for some hope and real answers, so PLEASE take this seriously and don’t sign up if you aren’t sure you’ll be able to post/share/tag like twice a week, or so, and post a review Launch Week.

This is really going to be so much fun! If you want in on it, fill out the form below and I’ll email you the application within 24 hours.

See you in the Secret Group!

Shelley Black
Savoring Single

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