About the Book

Why “Savoring Single”? Because we were meant to enjoy it! Finding purpose, knowing love and experiencing adventure aren’t reserved solely for the married girls! You can enjoy a full and vibrant life, even while being single. It’s also a perfect time to partner with what God wants to develop in you through this once-in-a-lifetime part of your journey! Girl, being single is okay. There is a purpose for it and it won’t last forever. So – savor it!

This book is an invitation to find purpose, know love and develop a deeper relationship with the God who answers every desire of the single girls’ heart. Journey with Shelley as she explores a fresh perspective on being single and what love really looks like in the mean time.

Vulnerable. Authentic. Nuts-and-bolts truth that will help you as a modern-day Christian female thrive, because what if this once-in-a-lifetime part of your journey is just the beginning of your happily ever after?